Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1.18.07 Edition of Spare Change News

Did you miss us? Probably not, but that's ok, we'll get over it..

Yes, we got a bit lazy around the holiday season and failed to update the blog FOR WEEKS! OH MY. This internet thing is serious business and sometimes we get the proverbial tube-flavored ADHD.

Anyways, we are back with a little teaser for the next issue, coming out this Thursday. It's pretty, no? And yes, we are still salivating over the arrival of Deval Patrick. Don't worry, we'll get over it.

Also, if you haven't noticed, some of our vendors are rocking trendy new SCN aprons! We'll try and get some pictures on the blog. These aprons will help you identify who is legit and who is not (although some vendors are reticent about wearing them – they don't want to be mistaken for chefs!).

Anyways, business is as usual around here. We may have some more insanity coming up though, so watch out!


No Standing Still: The Story of Eric Weinberger

A look at the life of an old SCN friend, and a cofounder of Food Not Bombs, and many more local service establishments. Read about Eric's life and accomplishments. There weren't few.

Riding the New Wave

Homeless people build sail boats out of New York City scrap and then sail them to Ireland? Is this for real? Yes, yes, in fact it is.

Plus all the usual trappings you've come to associate with our glorious niche-filling rag. Get to it!


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