Tuesday, February 20, 2007

2.15.07 Edition of Spare Change News

We're a bit late with this update, so forgive us. The issue is selling like hotcakes and we've been too busy counting our hill of dimes!

Seriously, this is a real nice issue, with articles looking at a whole spectrum of topics, including ATHF bombs, City Council homelessness wrangling, GLBT homeless teenagers, as well as sexy oil paintings in Cambridge! Now that's diversity in action. Thanks to Sarah Esposito for writing the teasers:

Art Bomb$?
An art critic takes a look at the infamous ATHF campaign that turned into a bomb scare. Kate Ledogar blames the Neo-liberal, globalized economy for this debacle and argues that Turner Broadcasting was truly victorious in marketing their movie and getting free publicity on national news. Our lives are already surrounded by advertising and marketing, how much further can we let it go?

Cambridge Artists Oil Up
Two local artists Tom Tipton and Deborah M. Priestly, co-owners of the Out of the Blue Art Gallery, open their talents to the community in this new show. Tipton and Priestly tell their personal stories in their paintings while tying in the local community, from the Charles to Cambridge.

Homelessness On The Rise Among Gay Youth
A new study released by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force shows that at least forty percent of homeless youth identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT). What are the factors playing into LGBT youth becoming homeless? What are proactive steps we can take towards solving this epidemic?

And we're out! Enjoy.

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