Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Issue - Homelessness to End in 5 Years?

Homeless Make Voices Heard On Ballot
Everyday, Arnold sits on a crate between the 7-Eleven and Dunkin Donuts in Kenmore Square. He offers the stores’ patrons help with their groceries, in exchange for spare change. At night, he stays at the Pine Street Inn on Harrison Avenue. He is also a registered voter.
“This here,” said Arnold, gesturing to his perch in front of the stores “is just a temporary thing.”
He said that he was laid off a month ago from his construction job, but his outlook is optimistic. In a gentle South Carolina drawl, he said, “It ain’t that bad, yet. I ain’t robbing or hurting no one.”
Despite Arnold’s recent spell of hard luck, he plans to vote in the presidential election in November. He registered to vote at the Pine Street Inn.

State Releases Five-Year Plan to End Homelessness
Governor Deval Patrick will attempt to implement a plan to end homelessness in the Commonwealth. The plan has been given a budget of $10 million over five years, which will be based on a report filed in December by the Massachusetts Commission to End Homelessness.
The commission’s report proposes to end homelessness for both families and individuals by providing affordable housing, preventing those at risk from being evicted or displaced, and aiding in asset development.

Rock Concert Benefit A Success
On the night of Thursday, January 17, more than150 people packed themselves into the Paradise Lounge. While most attendees were there to support local music, they were also supporting Spare Change News and its recent merger with Whats Up.
“Anytime you can funk out a crowd for a charity benefit you should take it,” said Colin Bradley, keyboardist and vocalist for World’s Collide, the night’s headlining act. “The people are much more guaranteed to have a good time when they know that their money is going to something positive and not just the bands’ beers.”

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