Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diary of a Fallen Angel, A Novel by William Dean Collins

Chapter One: Memoirs in the Dark Void

This story originates before the creation of the Universe, before the stars were ever even thought of, before Time itself! Time was just a thought in God’s mind at the aeon when this story evolved.

This story began in the Dark Void of Unseen Spirits, that bottomless pit you’re told of in your religious books, the Void which existed before Time began! This is our story, how we became Fallen Angels cursed from God’s presence for all Eternity, with no hope for salvation or redemption for our sins.

Time began when God spoke light into existence. Before Time began there were only aeons and aeons of The Power! There was no such thing as Time, only Space and The Eternal Ones.

My name is Gladismere. I am the Father of all that is evil and unlikable. I am the author of the plot to destroy the light forever! It was I who betrayed God’s Sacred Trust in overseeing the Children of the Ever Blest. For my indiscretions I was cast out of Heaven forever, and sentenced to an isolated spot in the Void, without the comforts of my consorts, the Three Witches of Fate named Hezekell, Mizekia, and Shirbella.

I am Gladismere, ancient of Time and Days: sentenced to a spot in the Void with less space to occupy than 400 picasquares, which is equivalent to about 300 trillion galaxies, as measured by a mortal man.

Now, I know you’re thinking, “300 trillion galaxies is a lot of space, right?” But believe me pal, to an Angel like myself, 300 trillion galaxies, or even 300 trillion picasquares isn’t even enough space for me to fit my entire being into, unless of course, I use a Spirit Condenser to alter my form.

300 picasquares to an immortal being is jail! Pure jail, plain and simple. I, whose thought patterns have permeated the entire Void for infinite aeons, now sentenced to a space the size of 300 picasquares is totally ludicrous! I, who served the Living God for aeons untold, sentenced to Valgalla, the feared and dreaded Valgalla! Me! Gladismere!

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “You don’t get sentenced to Valgalla for Just Behavior, right?”

Ok, maybe not. I’ll let the readers judge for themselves. I say it was God who betrayed the Angels, and not the other way around! Weren’t we with God for aeons untold? And all of a sudden, God says he’s going to create man in his own image and likeness, and give him flesh with which to clothe his spirit!

If I had a jaw when I found out about that, it would have dropped to the bottom of the Void. I was jealous, envious, angry and all of that! If you only knew how beautiful God really is, then you might understand my resentment. But no man has ever seen God at any time, so a man couldn’t even begin to understand the hurt and animosity that an Angel is capable of feeling. We’re talking about a being who wasn’t even created, who existed with God for aeons uncountable, almost as an equal! It was very disheartening to discover that God was going to create living beings from the cosmic dust of the void, rather than use a Spirit Condenser and his almighty power to give his “loyal servants” a “shot” at life.

Granted, mankind hadn’t been created yet, but his presence on the “Blueprint of Eternity means he was, he is, and he is yet to come. Besides, he was going to be in God’s own image and likeness, and privileged to be surrounded by the flesh, while on the other hand, we Angels only have astral bodies which amount to a bunch of space and a bunch of eyes—oh, so many eyes we have!

So that’s my beef with God. I didn’t like the idea of sharing eternity with beings created by God’s Word. Yet, I’m powerless to stop God from speaking. And you want to know what’s scary about that? It’s that everything God says must come into being! Another thing I didn’t like was the fact that God was going to turn the lights on forever and expose our nudity to the Universe he was going to create.

This is how it all began over 200 trillion evolutions of aeons before time even began! When God existed with the Eternal Ones in the Void without interruption or interference, until that first day, the day when God created light. That’s when the trouble outside the Void began. The Ancient Society, as it was called, existed and endured before time began. The Society was a dwelling of spiritual entities that all had the power of mental Telepathy, which was in fact the only form of communication or movement in the Void, except for God Almighty. God always had the power to move, and as I now understand it, God always had the power to speak.

Only he never did, except for that one time when he spoke his whole entire name. Man, you should have heard how long it was! How loud it was at some points and how quiet some of the other syllables were at other points! It scared the whole of the Void white and cold with fear! Notwithstanding was the fact that the entire void existed at a steady temperature of Absolute Zero. Only God and his movements over the face of the deep had any heat at all. In those periods of evolution, before the light was created, God’s movement was almost unchartable!

It wasn’t until the creation of the light that God’s movement could charted on the eternal fabric of the Void. After the light was created, His movement became much faster and the Void much warmer. This fact alone caused terror untold, to the true worshippers of the original conditions!

But that’s neither here nor there. The real issue at hand is this business with mankind, and the transferring of power from God to man through Jesus! It’s all well and good for man, who just appeared on the scene, and gets exclusive rights to eternity, without any love shown, any moral values adhered to, any loyalty shown throughout the ages, or anything resembling dedication or love to those who came before!

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