Thursday, September 14, 2006

9.14.06 Edition of Spare Change News

Spare Change has been big in the news lately! After our coverage in the Boston Herald's Inside Track (wherein the Track Gals were much kinder to us than we would've imagined), SCN managing editor Paul Rice found his way on to WRKO's John DePetro show, where he spent a good two hours listening to DePetro argue his theories about homelessness. If you missed it, you'll have to wait for the audio file to get an aural glimpse of said theories, as SCN does not wish to repeat them here. Further media coverage is pending (and may involve your boob tube and a certain local channel with national renown) and will be linked to on this blog as it is made available.

What does all this mean for you, our noble reader? It means now is the best time to tell all your friends about the waves Spare Change News is making and continue to seek out your favorite vendors to purchase your favorite local rag, so you can tell the world you were there when this newspaper of humble origins turned into the next great street paper behemoth!

Ok, we're getting ahead of ourselves. We are humble enough to know that attention comes and goes, that the fickle attitudes of local media are just that. But we're content to have at least 15 hours of minimal fame, if it helps our vendors sell more papers. You can help them on that front as well. Go now and buy. Buy, buy more! And thank you being loyal supporters and for paying attention.

Here's a taste of the new issue:

Reuters comes to Spare Change News

Starting with this issue, Spare Change News is publishing exclusive content from Reuters, thanks to the work of the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). New Orleans is the topic of discussion this week, as reporter Peter Henderson finds the city twisted into two opposite faces, one of hope, the other of despair.

An exclusive interview with gubernatorial candidate Grace Ross

SCN begins its four-part election series, sitting down with Green-Rainbow Party candidate Grace Ross and talking about homelessness, housing and the widening income gap in Massachusetts.

Qualifying the Needy: Looking Back at 10 Years of Welfare Reform

Welfare reform as a popular issue for politicians is all but gone but did it really have the effects it's been lauded for? SCN investigates ten years of the new "welfare to work" program, and finds that all may not be as golden as it seems.

All this plus Kate Ledogar playing skeeball with creepy dolls, James Shearer putting the boots to Survivor's new race-themed programming, "Twenty-Seven Rules to Sustain Life and Thrive on This Planet," poetry, SU DOKU, crosswords, love, tetherball and whatever else you happen to desire! And it only costs a dollar!

Stay tuned for our September 28th issue, containing an interview with candidate Christy Mihos, a look at the "inevitable" arrival of solar power, and the story of a homeless man who fought a city and won.

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