Thursday, September 28, 2006

9.28.06 Edition of Spare Change News

The new Spare Change News hit the streets early this week. We sold out of our 9.14 edition on Wednesday and began dropping the hot-off-the-press new issue. It's jam packed with exclusive content that might give you a slight tingly sensation if ingested properly. That is, if you don't throw it in the trash the minute after you buy it..

Allow us to tease you:

Bookselling homeless man beats the odds

Harvard Square bookvendor Kenneth O'Brien has won the right to open his used book store on the streets of Harvard Square. Read about the arrests, the court battles, and the victory over City Hall that eventually led to the advent of a new business in the Square, only at Spare Change News.

An exclusive interview with gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos

Continuing our election coverage through the poverty lens, SCN talks to Christy Mihos about homelessness in Massachusetts, in an exclusive interview.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow: Rethinking Solar Power

Think solar power is an old joke from the 70s? Think again, says Travis Bradford, a former market guru who has turned his focus to renewable energy. He believes that the sun is the future of energy, simply because the market will make it so. And you lucky online readers can read it for free!

With the purchase of SCN, you get all of this plus everything you've come to expect from our modest publication, be it games, arts, and that great butter taste.

Keep the feedback coming – we need to know what you think about the issues we're covering, whether we're doing a good job, whether you hate us or love us, just tell us so we can sleep at night!

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