Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10.12.06 Edition of Spare Change News

Wow, we are out super early this week! Due to excessive sales, we sold out of our Sept. 28 edition early last weekend, so the new edition went on sale today, a whopping two days early. Oh, and a big thank you goes out to the Weekly Dig, for milking some "bumor" out of our recent press release. Way to go guys. Regardless, expect to find some fascinating content in this issue, hopefully enough to tide you over until the next installment.


Skin Peel: A former skinhead burns away the demons under his flesh

Growing up, Jason Mitchell got every possible tattoo he could, covering his flesh with spiderwebs, anarchy symbols, swastikas and white power phrases. Now he's a changed man, and is going under the laser to remove the legacy of tattoos that cover his body. We are reprinting this intense story, courtesy of the lovely Joanne Zuhl, editor of street roots in Portland, Oregon.

New Trash Bins Leave Low-Income Canners Feeling Dumped

New solar-powered trash receptacles are raising concerns from individuals who make a living on the recycling of cans and the reclamation of trash downtown.

All this plus your favorite columns, SU DOKU & crosswords, a scintillating editorial on sex in the news, as well as the chance to interact with one of our lovely vendors. DIG IT!



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