Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homeless Senior Banned from Cambridge Center Seeks Answers

By: Julia Waterhous

Terrence Rothman was banned from the Cambridge Senior Center two years ago after attempting to circulate a petition to bring back a social worker who had recently been fired. He was initially asked to leave the center and later police were called and he was told that if he didn't leave he would be thrown in jail. Rothman has since been seeking answers as to why he was banned and action against the Senior Center as they renewed his ban multiple times and he has not been able to return to the Center for the past two years. Rothman has filed a complaint against the CSC and the City of Cambridge for discrimination based on his diagnosis of paranoia.


Anonymous said...

Great article and an example of how the city government of Cambridge disregards the citizen's right to question policies initiated at public service organizations paid for by citizen's tax money.

joey h said...

it is necessary to remove rothman from any premises. he deliberately incites these incidents, and that has nothing to do with with "paranoia". he typically creates a disturbance.
he is deliberately wasting the city's time and money. rothman needs a lawsuit against him for abuse of process and malicious legal abuses.
he has been thrown out of lots of places, in MA and FL. and the cops are usually called, because he is a garden variety street criminal... refusing to leave private property on demand is trespassing, and that is a crime. his narcissism and manipulativeness are an issue, not "paranoia". in 2009 he photographed guests at local shelter as they slept. he claimed he was suing 5 guests ... appparently for disliking him.the shelter (HSHS) had to create a regulation against this. apologists for this guy need to get a grip on reality. google his name. his tantrums include disrupting a FL veteran's memorial ceremony with his private, partisan political ranting. and he's homeless because he cannot get along with any landlord or management.

joey h said...

rothman has also stalked no fewer than 5 people from the same shelter, (stalking in this context defined as covert surveillance, following, and verbal assaults of those he targets.) he uses the mbta to do this.

try interviewing the many targets and witnesses, instead of giving rothman a venue to spit venom from.

independent, reasoned observation of rothman refutes his fraudulent claims.