Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Man's Best Friend: Life on the Streets With Pets

By: Julia Waterhous

When Angelo Vespa became homeless all he cared about was the welfare of his cat Simon. He sought assistance from the MSPCA and was directed to Carmine Discenso, director of Phinney's Friends, an organization that provides services to those living below the poverty line with HIV/AIDS. Although Vespa did not meet the usual criteria for service from Phinney's Friends, Discenso took pity on him and decided to help him anyways. Simon is now in foster care and Vespa has found a room with an organization in Cambridge.


homelessron said...

I just found you. will read regularly.if you want to know about my life on the steets check out homelessron.blogspot.com

homelessron said...

phoenix, az
a homeless person was asked to leave civic space park because, "that dog and your backpack constitutes camping."

Anonymous said...

Do you know what happened to Angelo?