Monday, August 07, 2006

8.03.06 Edition of Spare Change News.. Does Romney Care About Homelessness?

The newest edition of Spare Change News went on sale last Thursday for one dollar per copy, available as near as your nearest licensed vendor (and they are everywhere, if you haven't noticed; you just have to look up from the sidewalk you're walking down. Try it, it's fun!)

Highlights from this edition:

  • Romney's latest vetoes of homelessness prevention funding fail, again.

    A look at Romney's double standards on homelessness funding issues; what the Governor used to say, and what he doesn't say now. And, we wondered, what do the Mormons think of all this?

  • A well-mannered discourse on the war in Lebanon from SCN's Top Brass

    SCN executive director/editor Sam Scott and SCN founding member Tim Hobson go toe-to-toe in their very own civil (as in well-mannered) war on the current crisis.

  • A former Lebanese citizen's first-person perspective on Lebanon, Israel and the United States

    Zackaria Hantar was born in Lebanon, and has since lived in the UK, Canada and finally the United States. A philosopher in training, in this piece he comes to grips with thinking he understands all sides in the conflict, but realizing he understands none.

  • Are hospitals preventing drug addicts from kicking their habits?

    Hospitals treating patients who also happen to have drug problems may be inadvertently causing those same patients to relapse, Jennifer Hayes reports.

    All of this is included, plus increasingly difficult crossword puzzles, Sudoku, our never-imitated "Helping Hands" page, not to mention that good feeling you get when you know you've done the right thing.

    See you next week, with WikiMania 2006 coverage exclusive to this blog (find out about the growing rift between the internet and major corporations, and who the government would support if it ever really came to blows; also, a Wiki-fied look at the future of books, schools, and commerce) , as well as something you probably didn't know about paying rent in Massachusetts.

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