Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Our first accolade!

We have our first fan!

A user of the Dig's website named "Douchey Douche" (a name certainly not indicative of the Dig's readership) has brought up several interesting points of discussion about Spare Change's newly-christened blog:

Does anyone find it ironic that the newly anointed alt-bi-weekly dedicated to all things alt, bi and homeless, is embracing a technology that neither it’s imbibed constituents, nor its feeble minded staff, actually know how to use?! I mean, even if you could pull it off, it’s got to be a bitch blogging from the ‘99’, and God knows how worse from the bottom of a bottle of Popov. Here’s an idea, how about a “flog”? You know, that time honored tradition of standing on a corner but instead of begging for “spare change”, you litter passersby with your musings and spittle! It’s a perfect accoutrement to highway blogging, other wise known as “gay.”

Here at Spare Change News, we believe that if Furries can have a Wiki, then we can have a blog.

See what we did there? It's like some sort of clever syllogism! Could an inebriated feeble-mind come up with that? We think not.

Now, if you don't mind D.D., let us get back to saving the world! We promise to save the Popov for after work and, from this day forward, we will only allow our musty effluvia to fly towards those who deserve it.

Yours always and forever,


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