Monday, August 14, 2006

"A virus with shoes"

Spare Change News just finished reading the biography of one of its favorite comedians, a William Melvin Hicks, and was reminded of a favorite routine that Mr. Hicks used fairly consistently, throughout his far too brief, 15-year career:

I love being in New York, I love running the bum gauntlet down every street. God I hate those guys, man. The very idea they want me to give them the hard-earned money my folks send to me every week. Leech, get a job. My dad works eight hours a day for this quarter. I mean, the nerve.

Not that you hear many in this state talking about Mr. Hicks. His humor is of a forgotten relevance, and SCN encourages its readers to seek out the works of this latter-day prophet. Start with this DVD.

P.S.: If you think Denis Leary is funny, you'll want to know it is widely believed Leary stole a bunch of material from Hicks. And really, who can blame him? Rescue Me sucks.

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