Wednesday, August 30, 2006

8.31.06 Edition of Spare Change News

Calm down, adoring throngs! We have your new copy of Spare Change News bubbling hot and ready for your sweet little hands to acquire. Just take deep, soothing breaths until tomorrow morning and then when you wake up scramble to your favorite vendor before he sells out, and enjoy the rest of your day, reading up on things other publications might have missed, while basking in the warm glow of righteousness.

Here's a teaser of the grand buffet:

  • Local arts columnist Kate Ledogar brings her wit and insight to SCN

    If you've missed her axed column in the Dig, you'll be glad to hear she's found a new home. Starting with this issue, SCN's Arts section will feature Kate Ledogar's excellent reporting on the local gallery scene as well as other unique events, in every issue.

  • Slavery in Brazil: 25,000 forced to work for no pay in the Southern hemisphere

    A report on the thriving forced labor situation in Brazil, its victims and societal implications. Read about the complex struggles of aid organizations to fight back against slavers, and glean insight into a unique social crisis.

  • Homeless veterans find comraderie, services in 2 day event

    A profile of Stand Down, an annual Boston event that brings services and compassion to homeless veterans. Find out the history of the event, meet the people involved in making it happen, as well as the veterans that utilize the services.

  • Out of the Wilderness: The Price of War, and its Cost at Home

    SCN co-founder and columnist Tim Hobson examines the bling bling price of the war on terror; for instance, at the cost of one cluster bomb, two kids could be enrolled in college! Could disproportionate spending on war instead of on human services have the potential to cause war at home? Hobson is considering all the possibilties.

    Oh man, that barely covers the full smorgasbord of thoughts, insights and news contained in this deceivingly thin newspaper. There's also info on the homeless hate crime bill (dead in the water), a peek into the confidentiality practices of drug counselors, insanely difficult crossword puzzles and SU DOKU plus a professional wrestling review and a solemn memorial to fallen SCN vendors. Enjoy in moderation!


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    Anonymous said...

    "Local arts columnist Kate Ledogar brings her wit and insight to SCN

    If you've missed her axed column in the Dig, you'll be glad to hear she's found a new home."

    Hilarious news! And SO appropriate! Her Dig column was the most fuzzy-headed, snore-mongering navel-gazing I've ever seen passed off as art writing. It's so great to hear that water sometimes really does seek its own level. Uh, congratulations all around? I mean- the IQ of both papers just went up! Everybody wins!

    BTW- 'Spare Change Guy' (as seen on Fox25 Morning News w/VB) rules! Why don't you PC idiots stop whining (as yr. doing on WRKO right now) and get the hell out of his way while he becomes a player in local broadcast media. This is a break for him, so step off. Thank you.