Monday, August 28, 2006

Focus on the Family fleeced by anti-fundie webizens

The head of Christian fundamentalist think tank Focus on the Family, Dr. James Dobson, famous for disparaging homosexuals and spanking children, may see some revenues from his web shop go up in smoke.

A LiveJournal user named Porphyre recently discovered a loophole in the store's coding that allows any internet user of the site to receive any merchandise over $100 for FREE:

What with the Washington State Supreme Court handing down its anti-gay-marriage decision several weeks ago and the ever-hearing more about attacks on reproductive rights down south, I'm feeling that the States is tripping a bit too merrily down the Handmaid's path.

This week, I found a way to strike back.

Focus on the Family, the horrid anti-gay evangelical church based in Colorado Springs that wields too much power for anyone's good, has a store on their website that will give you books, CDs, and DVDs absolutely free of charge. Usually people pay for their items by donation, raising millions of dollars to help Focus on the Family produce more hate-propaganda featuring "experts" on homosexuality who claim it's a curable "sickness". (They're practically defined by their book A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality. Course, there's no mention of having less kids, which is the only proven method. No, no, you shouldn't use birth control, that would be wrong. They need more worshippers, how dare you prevent god's will.)

It's a little bit time-consuming, but not enough to deter me. (Nor should it you). The chance to take money out of their pockets is too useful, not to mention satisfying.

Here's how to do it in 10 steps:

The rest of the post is here. Will Focus act quickly to correct this seemingly legal exploit? (After all, they're asking for a suggested donation, so is a donation of $0.00 still a donation? When a tree falls in the... you get the idea)

Who knows. Spare Change News hereby washes its hands of the link and of this hullaballoo. Oh and if anyone needs a copy of the Narnia film, we have about thirty to offload. Got to make a living somehow, you know.

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