Wednesday, August 16, 2006

8.17.06 Edition of Spare Change News

The newest Spare Change News comes out tomorrow, to the dismay of self-absorbed commuters and the joy of compassionate life-livers. Run (don't walk, you need the exercise) to your nearest licensed vendor and demand a copy of the only newspaper in town with sex appeal and moral righteousness!

Here's a taste:

  • The "Free-Rent Trick": Local landlords want you to tell you how not to pay rent in Massachusetts.

    Spare Change News examines the process of rent-withholding (AKA not paying rent until your apartment is brought up to certain standards) and how it is used and potentially abused in the state.

  • WikiFuture: Someday, everything will be "Wiki."

    A reporter's notebook from WikiMania 2006, held at Harvard University in early August. Wikipedia has become one of the most popular information databases on the web. At the WikiMania conference, some of the computer world's greatest minds discussed the future of free information sharing services like Wikipedia, and SCN was there. SCN exclusive coverage of WikiMania is here.

  • Nomadic Notes from Afghanistan

    Gary Moorehead writes for Spare Change News from Afghanistan, where is he currently rebuilding the schools, medical clinics and other services, in war-torn Afghani towns and villages. In "Nomadic Notes", he discusses the living cycles of Kuchi nomads and the positive effects such mobility can have on economy and culture. This is the first part in an occasional series.

  • Tales From The Curb: "What's in a Slur?

    SCN co-founder and longtime columnist James Shearer defends Mitt Romney's use of the word "tar baby"... sort of. Read it online.

    All this and more for ONE LOUSY DOLLAR and a second or two of your day that you weren't plugged into your iPod video, watching YouTube virals, or that new Brooke Hogan music video.
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