Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Let the punishment fit the crime.

From today's Globe:

Former housing authority head, wife to change pleas

SPRINGFIELD --The former head of the Springfield Housing Authority and his wife are scheduled to change their pleas from not guilty in the city's largest public corruption case next week, according to a published report...

Raymond Asselin, 69, is facing racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, theft, fraud, extortion and money laundering and other charges stemming from his 33-year tenure as director of the housing authority.

Janet Asselin, 70, is charged with bribery, fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud, obstruction of justice and filing a false tax return.

-AP and Springfield Republican

Should these two be found guilty, they should not go to prison. Considering their septuagenarian status, we has selected an appropriate alternative sentence for the Judge to administer:

An extended stay at a Springfield homeless shelter, where the Asselins must give talks every night about how they swindled money out of the hands of those very shelter residents, who could perhaps be staying in stable housing if it weren't for their deceit. After the talk, they can strip down and receive the customary de-lousing, perhaps play a game of Scrabble with the other residents, then move into their sleeping bunks for lights out.

Rinse wash and repeat until homelessness is eradicated.

Then they can go to prison.



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